Megan Aney
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 10:50

"More research needs to be done" Mick Fanning weighs in on yesterday's shark attack in Ballina

mick fanning

With the news that another surfer has been attacked by a shark in Australia Mick Fanning says something needs to be done. 

GQ Sportsman of the Year spoke to Fitzy & Wippa about the tragic circumstances surrounding Sam Morgan the young Ballina surfer who is in an induced coma after a bull shark attacked him causing wounds to his leg. Mick said he used to go down to Ballina all the time but has stayed away from the area due to those reasons. "It's so sad for the area it's such a beautiful place." Mick said. 

SAM MORGAN | IMAGE via facebook

The three times world surfing champion said that since his own incident he has been avoiding beaches that are known shark areas and playing it safe. Mick stressed that more research needs to be done around shark nets and what can be done. 

Listen to the full chat below.