Fitzy & Wippa's Hotline Bling Parody

This is the worst thing that could have happened to Fitzy and his family...

His dad got an iPhone. 

The boys have wrote a parody about Mick Fitzgerald's struggle with his new iPhone. The technology is a little advanced for old Mick and Fitzy is dealing with the learning curve. To the tune of Drake's Hotline Bling - check it out below.

Written By Megan Aney

When Fitzy & Wippa heard that the council of Blacktown wanted to change the town's name they were devastated. 

Fitzy & Wippa's Wine Rack Bra parody song

Ever been to a bar and emptied your wallet after just one round? Fitzy & Wippa know the feeling and have found a solution. 


Fitzy & Wippa's "Growing Up" Parody

What's your favourite memory growing up in Australia?

Fitzy & Wippa have created a parody about the best parts of their childhood to the tune of Macklemore's hit song 'Growing Up'. Spot your memories.