Megan Aney
Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 06:38

Fitzy recreates the final Cleo magazine cover

Who's that pretty girl in the tube top? 

Model Jesinta Campbell recreated the cover of the first ever issue to commemorate the final printed copy of Cleo Magazine so Fitzy thought it'd be fitting to recreate the recreation. 

Fitzy took the photo shoot very seriously committing to the character with fake eyelashes, lipstick, foundation and a fluffy wig telling Sydney Confidential he now has a better understanding of women. 

“I have a lot more respect for women for the process that they do go through I’ve been trying to take off my mascara all day. But funnily enough I enjoyed the process, maybe a little bit too much.”

fitzy recreates cleo front cover

Jesinta Campbell tweeted that she cried when she was first asked to be the final cover girl for the iconic magazine. We think she might have tears in her eyes again when she sees Fitzy's interpretation.

That cover featuring Campbell was actually a take on Cleo’s first ever front page in 1972 that was then edited by Ita Buttrose so Fitzy called Ita to see what she thought of his take on the cover. Ita has given Fitzy the tick of approval saying she'll even frame it in her house.