Megan Aney
Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 10:47

Commando Steve hits back at Michelle Bridges's post-pregnancy exercise critics

Commando Steve Fitzy Wippa

Commando Steve gets candid about the effects of negative press on his partner Michelle Bridges.

The Australian queen of fitness Michelle Bridges has come under fire for her “irresponsible” advice, with experts saying her guide could put some women at risk of permanent damage.

Commando admitted that the negative press does get to Michelle “It definitely had an effect on her, but she is a big girl and it will pass over time. It is something she has always done. She has always liked to get out and about, feel good in herself,”

He went on to make a very valid point that what Michelle is doing for her health is far better than not doing anything at all.

"All these people that just get on her coattails to cut it down use it as leverage to voice their opinion. So be it, but the lounge chair and other things are killing people a lot more than someone who has just had a baby, pushing their pram out on a footpath,” the 39-year-old said. 

Listen to the full chat with Commando here:

He might not be doing chin-ups yet but Commando Steve ensures he'll do his best to instill a love of health & fitness into his new bub. Wippa reminded Steve that no matter how much camo add to his baby wardrobe he might just love chips and cupcakes.

Here's what Commando had to say.