Megan Aney
Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 09:17

Ben Stiller justifies killing Justin Bieber

ben still fitzy and wippa

Only a man as fearless as Derek Zoolander could take on Beliebers worldwide.

Zoolander 2 features hundreds of celebrity cameos but Justin Bieber's death in the film has grabbed the headlines. Ben Stiller told Fitzy & Wippa that he wrote Justin into the script over five years ago when the Beebs was still humming 'Baby'. 

"He is a polarizing figure in our world. He is a very talented guy and he just elicits this passion from people. He had a great sense of humour about it and realised he was having fun with his image." 

Watch the whole chat about the film, Ben's kids and Beebs below. 



Zoolander 2 is in cinemas February 11th.