Megan Aney
Monday, February 15, 2016 - 08:14

Akmal Saleh tried to leave the African jungle TWICE!

Comedian Akmal Saleh wasn't made for the jungle admitting that he tried to leave the show not once but twice before he was evicted Sunday night.

Talking to Fitzy & Wippa Akmal said that one the very first day of the show he wanted to leave it was only when his hero Paul Harragon told him to man up that Akmal decided to stay. 

"The first day started really well because he skydived but then it ended with our face in scorpions and maggots. Then on top of that we got dumped in fish guts. I said I wanted out and they said  don't be stupid it's the first day. The only reason I got back up was because Paul Harragon said come on mate get back up. I couldn't say no the chief." 

He tried to leave the jungle again during the crocodile challenge listen to the full story below.