Since when did McLovin from Superbad get super hot?

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Where has Fogell aka McLovin from Superbad BEEN?

Can you believe it’s been almost nine years since Superbad first came out? It was the film that catapulted the careers of Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and Emma Stone. And while we know what those three are up to now, what about the dorkiest of the bunch – Fogell aka McLovin? Whatever happened to him?


First off, his name IRL is Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse. So there's that. And then, it turns out he’s still an actor, and has had roles in a fair few movies since including Role Models, How To Train Your Dragon, Kick-Ass, and Pitch Perfect.

And also, he’s really hot now.




For the full perv stalk, here's his Insta.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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