'Text door neighbour' craze is causing a lot of chaos

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Text door neighour

This new texting trend is giving us some serious LOLs...

There’s a new way to make friends and it’s pretty inventive. The craze, dubbed ‘text door neighbour’, involves messaging a number only one digit – either higher or lower – different to your own.

So say someone had the number 0999-999-999, it means they’d message 0999-999-998. Got it?

Add in the fact that these texts are coming out of ~nowhere~ and the whole thing gets very, very funny. Through the #textdoorneighbour convos posted up on Twitter, we learned some strangers can be... 

Devoutly against television.

NOT very chatty.

VERY chatty.

And very mean.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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