Rebel Wilson explains why she’s forever single


Always a Bridesmaids, never a bride.

Rebel Wilson is starring in new comedy How To Be Single this month and so naturally, the question on every reporter's lips is one about the Aussie funnywoman's own relationship status. But luckily, Rebel was prepared and had her answer at the ready when she was asked it at a media event on Wednesday.

"I've been eternally single and I think I like it a little bit too much. I need to be more open to the possibilities of love. I know what my problems are – I'm very independent and I always have been." 


Rebel had been dating comedian Mickey Gooch Jr. for a few months last year, but the pair called it quits in September without giving her fans an explanation. She may finally be throwing them a bone with this whole #independentwoman stuff.


Her new rom-com, also starring Dakota Johnson, tells the story of a New York City single gal who's... well, single.

"While my character is fiercely independent, Dakota's character has just come out of a long-term relationship and is showing all the signs of co-dependency." 

Watch the trailer below.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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