Michelle Bridges says nah to getting a nanny

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Michelle Bridges doesn't need a babysitter.

Michelle Bridges had her first baby at age 45 and she isn't going to let anyone take him away from her. Even a nanny.

Australia's favourite fitness guru spoke with Daily Telegraph on Sunday saying her bub, a boy named Axel, accompanies her to training sessions, meetings and even interviews.

“I don’t have a nanny, and I am not planning on getting one right now. I may have to have one in future, someone who can come in on a case-by-case basis."

She also went on to explain that most people expect her to have help.


“I put out an Instagram shot of me training outside. Ninety-eight per cent of people were supportive, but some said: ‘Oh, maybe if I had a nanny I could do that’. No, I don’t have a nanny, he’s ­actually here with me, we are out together. No nanny required.”

Refreshing and down-to-earth, you gotta love Michelle's attitude.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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