Sangeeta Kocharekar
Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 16:13

Laurina Fleure used to work somewhere way dirtier than a pie shop


The I'm A Celebrity jungle this season sure is shaping up to be a place of big revelations. 

It’s hard to think of Laurina Fleure working at anything other than a reality show, but it turns out she’s had – get ready for it – other jobs. Laurina opened up about one job in particular on Monday night's ep of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and holy hell, did it come out of nowhere.

The woman who coined the Dirty Street Pie phrase has actually worked somewhere way dirty than a pie shop. Like, way, way dirtier.


Princess Laurina Fleure has worked at a STRIP CLUB. A dirty, dirty strip club.

She started with:

"When I was 20, I worked at a strip club as a waitress and every guy in there used to tell me I was the prettiest girl in the place and I was too good to be working here."

Why did no one cut her off there? Does NO ONE in the jungle even care that she's completely ruining her reputation? 

"No-one gave me any tips though. All the other waitresses who were less fit than I was were getting so many more tips and then I thought, they all must think I am getting tips."

Poor, poor Laurina. Not only did she not get any dollar bills back then, but now, she's pretty much asked all of Australia to hate her.