Did Kate Middleton look to Cara Delevingne for eyebrow inspo?

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Kate Middleton has given her eyebrows a major makeover.

Ever since entering the global spotlight as Prince William’s full-time plus one, Kate Middleton has been known for her excellent hair. It's glossy, bouncy, and just #hairgoals for women everywhere.


I mean, when is her hair ever NOT on point?


Never. That’s when. 

But now Kate is changing her beauty focus from her locks to something she never seemed too bothered with before - her makeup. Which we totally get. We like to change our regime up every now and again too.

Kate, who has always rocked relatively thin, coiffed brows, made an appearance over the weekend sporting what seemed to be an entirely new set. Just look these bushy things.


And yes, they still have a ways to go to get to Cara Delevingne's level.


But they're still bushy enough to have landed Kate a spot on the prestigious Britain's Best Brows list. An honour which, no doubt, Kate will remember forever.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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