Whatever animal you see in this sketch tells a lot about you

We love a good mind test.

For some random reason or another, a sketch from the 1800s has began circulating on the Interwebs this week. Some are saying the illustration shows a duck. Some say nope, it’s a rabbit. And then eventually, everyone says it’s both.

Confused? Well, what do you see?


The drawing, which was first published in a German magazine, was used by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow to research how quickly one can see the second animal and how fast participants can change their perception of the drawing to switch between the two animals.

According to Mr. Jastow, the faster you can do this, the quicker your brain works, and the more creative you are.


He also discovered that whichever animal the viewer saw was determined by their emotional state and surroundings. Around Easter, most people would see the rabbit first, and around October, most see the duck. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
Heidi Klum

Wow, this is mindblowing! 

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