Tom Brady reenacts The Lion King with his adorable pup

It's the 'Circle of Life'! Tom Brady gives his best Rafiki impression as he re-enacts The Lion King with his new pup.

You’d might think that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has everything he needs in life.

He’s got a glistening football career (except for that stuff about Deflate-Gate), he’s got millions in the back, legions of fans, a former Victoria’s Secret Model for a wife, and a couple of adorable children.

But if his recent post on Facebook is any indication, it appears that his life is now finally complete. That’s because he just got a, wait for it, puppy!

And boy is it an adorable ball of fluff.

Tom Brady Pup 2

In celebration of the newest member of his family, Brady decided to re-enact The Lion King by treating his pup like a baby Simba.

Tom Brady Pup

Image | Tom Brady via Facebook

Worldwide superstar or not, nothing gives as much joy as having a puppy in your life. 

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