Pilot stops a plane for an incredibly heartfelt reason

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Pilots return their plane to the gate so a grieving family can make it to their father's funeral 

The daughter of Marcia Short of Phoenix, Arizona has taken to Facebook on behalf of her mother to thank two pilots that went above and beyond their duty to ensure they made it to her husband’s funeral. 

After a delayed flight to Minneapolis, the family had only seven minutes to make their connecting flight to Arizona to get to the funeral. Rushing to the gate with only two minutes to spare, the family found no flight attendant and the bridge was pulling away from the plane. 

After finding a flight attendant, they were told there was nothing they could do but catch the next flight, which would’ve been after the funeral. 

The pilots of the departing DL3955 flight saw the family in tears from the cockpit, and decided to bring the plane back to the bridge and let them board.  

Daughter of Marcia Short, Nicole, ended her post with “Pilots Adams and Anderson of flight DL3955 on December 19th, 2015 from MPLS-St Paul to Memphis Delta Airlines have blessed my family and gave us a gift that no one else could. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may you both be blessed ten fold.”

Read the post in full below. 

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