The most popular clothing colour on Tinder is….

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Black is the new black?!?

You can spend hours deciding on the perfect photos to put on your Tinder profile. If the lighting is not right it gets scrapped, if there is a friend in the photo who looks better then you it gets scrapped and if you don’t have the perfect outfit it almost always gets scrapped. 

Well now the most popular colour to wear in Tinder photos has been revealed. Data from 12,00 Tinder profile pictures were examined and it was discovered that 30.6 percent of women and 32.3 percent of men wear black. 

The analysis of the data also revealed that white was the second most popular colour and men absolutely loved button down shirts and suits (It’s basically the male, Tinder uniform). 33 percent of men wore long sleeved button down shirts and 22 percent wore suits. 

As for the few users who branched out with colour, blue was the most popular. With 8.8 percent of women and 14.7 percent of men wearing blue. 

Last year a dating company in the US determined the most swiped name by researching over 100,00 users. If your name is Brianna, you better quickly sign yourself up for Tinder because you have a 70% success rate of guys who will swipe right on you. 

Guys, if your name is Brett than your one of the lucky ones because you’re most likely to get a right swipe. VICTORY FOR THE BRETS. 

Besides the Brianna’s of the world if your name is Erika, Lexi, Brooke, Vanessa, April or a Jenna then you are also in luck

Tyler, Corey, Andy, Noah and the Rob’s of the world are all among the most successful male names.



What do you think? Do you think black is the most common colour seen in Tinder photos?!?


Written By Gemma Prendergast

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