Google has launched two new devices to challenge the iPhone

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Google Nexus

Introducing the Nexus 5X and 6P.

Google is hoping to topple Apple’s dominance of the smartphone game by releasing their own rival to the iPhone. They’ve collaborated with LG on the long-awaited update of the Nexus 5 – the 5X. 

The 6P is an upgrade to last year’s 6, made in collaboration with Huawei – but both phones feature similar flashy features. Compared side by side though, the 5X is designed to be more of an entry-level device while the 6P has a bit more grunt, with a bigger size, resolution, speed and storage. 

Both phones feature a camera with grater pixels than most rival’s cameras – including the iPhone.  They also feature something called the ‘Android Sensor Hub’ which can sense when the phone is picked up or moved, even in a low-power state and therefore gives the user notifications with little battery when they pick up the phone.

The other advantage is the phones super-quick charging time. Google says the 6P charges twice as fast as the iPhone 6 Plus. 

Meanwhile iPhone users – did you know there’s a simple trick that will allow you to create HOLOGRAMS with your device? Here’s how:

Written By Genevieve Dwyer

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