Facebook may be taking on Uber for ride-share domination


It may be the battle of the ride-shares if Facebook decides to take on Uber with their new plan to launch their own vehicle-sharing platform. 

Uber’s already trumped their taxi competition, but now the ride-sharing service may need to arm themselves to head into battle again.

This week Facebook filed a patent application to become a ridesharing platform through its Events feature. This doesn't necessarily mean Mark Zuckerberg & Co. will launch the feature, but they've definitely put together a well-thought out plan. The idea is that people attending the same event (eg. a festival, venue launch, or even grandmother’s 60th) could set up their own carpools. They’d be able to nominate themselves as a driver with extra spots in their vehicle, and guests would be able to sign up to join them.



But get this – Facebook is taking things one step further by using all the personal info it has collected about you (eg. your music taste, the Groups you’ve joined, the Pages you’ve liked), to better match drivers and passengers. Once the car is all full, Facebook will then send the driver a personalised map routing his/her journey from start through each collection point to the event.


Yet again, well done Facebook. We ‘like’.


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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