Dog is super excited about getting a kitten

This dog is just so excited at the prospect of having a new kitten to play with. 

It may be a bit old and it might be an ad, but this video honestly had us all giggling like fools! Must be a Friday thing... 

Such a simple idea produces such a hilarious result! 

The amount of time this guy would have spent dubbing the voices over... and such a great voice too! This is exactly how we imagine dogs would sound in real life. 

Written By Matt
Dog fetch fails compilation

Here it is, the ultimate compilation of dogs (and humans) failing while playing fetch!

Munchkin the Shih Tzu teddy bear on a treadmill cute

This little dog in a teddy bear costume walking on a treadmill is (unofficially) the cutest thing on the internet right now!

2014 most viral video

Youtube have released a list of the most watched viral videos in 2014 based on views, comments, likes, shares and more.

After crunching the numbers it was this video of the spider-dog which came out on top with over 113 million views!

Watch below...